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How to Fix: iMessage Effects Not Working on iPhone 7 / iOS 10 & No iMessage Notifications

How to Fix: iMessage Effects Not Working on iPhone 7 / iOS 10 & No iMessage Notifications

More an more people are now switching to the iPhone 7 or upgrading their devices to run the latest iOS 10, but unfortunately the transition isn’t made without problems (at least in some cases). One of the biggest problems people are facing when upgrading iOS or switching to a new phone is related to the iMessage function – and since iMessages are an important part for all Apple fans, we have to fix them, right?

Fortunately, we’re here to help and in this article we’re going to talk about two major iMessage-related problems and how to fix them.

iMessage effects were introduced by iOS 10 and in some cases, they just don’t work. So we’ll start today’s tutorial with the biggest problem many iPhone owners are facing: iMessage effects not working & how to fix!

If the iMessage effects are not working on your devices, you probably have turned a battery-saving feature on: Reduce Motion. So simply turning this off from your device’s settings will solve the problem and allow you to see and use the Effects on your iPhone 7 or iOS 10 powered device.

In order to check if you have that option turned on and turn “Reduce Motion” off, open Settings then tap General -> Accessibility -> Reduce Motion and drag the switch to turn it off. That’s it! You can now fully enjoy effects when using iMessages!

How to fix no iMessage Notifications

Another problem that many users are facing is the fact that they’re not receiving notifications when they get new iMessages. This normally happens if you have previously turned them off – by mistake or not. So all that you have to do is to turn back notifications for the app.

In order to turn on notifications for iMessages, head over to Settings -> Notifications -> Messages. Make sure to toggle all the options there on and select the “Banner” style alert for your notifications. Problem solved!

Now these are tow of the most common iMessage-related problems that iPhone owners are facing and we’ve just taught you how to quickly fix them. If you have other iMessage-related problems, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll gladly help!

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