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GearBest’s Epic Treasure Hunt Sale Event Offers Massive Discounts for Already Cheap Gadgets

GearBest’s Epic Treasure Hunt Sale Event Offers Massive Discounts for Already Cheap Gadgets

I have recently discovered GearBest – and if you haven’t checked it out already, it’s must to visit them. It’s basically a huge online store like Amazon, but with extremely cheap products, mainly produced in China and Asia. And even though most are generic brands, they are still very high quality products and I’ve become a fan since finding out about them.

And if you check them out now, the timing is perfect because you’d be doing so during their massive sale event, the GearBest Epic Treasure Hunt. This gives you a chance to score some free products from the store (for real!) as well as get massive discounts to already cheap gadgets, phones, tablets, laptops and much more. It’s really a dream come true for those looking to get their hands on some current or next generation tech.

This epic sale will last for three weeks – all filled with epic deals and discounts. Everything begins on August 29th and ends on September 17th. You must visit each day because you’ll always have something new and surprising to discover!

Here is the program of the Epic Treasure Hunt and the main events during each period:

Aug 29 – Sept 3: A massive Treasure Hunt events begins with glittering deals as well as games that you can play for FREE gifts!

Sept 3 – Sept 10: An interesting feature called the “Deal Vault” opens with insane bargains and coupons for top products.

Sept 10 – Sept 17: The final countdown! It’s your last chance for discounts!

We’re looking at amazing discounts on GearBest, up to 50% off for hundreds of products. And if you don’t want to dig through the offers available on their website (click here to visit) – here is a highlight of what to expect (including freebies you can grab for yourself and your family):

Secret Wishing Pool Game: Win a cool Huawei P20 phablet and Xiaowa Robot Cleaner!

App-Exclusive Game: It’s time to win a FREE DJI RC Drone and Xiaomi Mi Pad 4!

Coupon Bonanza: Claim your $99-$50 Coupon for crazy savings.

Triple Saver Combos: Pay $9.99, $29.99 or $99.99 for 3 awesome items.

PayPal is Perfect: Take advantage of $50-$5 extra discounts.

Mystery Treasure Bags: Get lucky with popular Lucky Bags from only $0.99.

Cool Add-on Items: For any order total over $60, add another $1.99 to redeem.

So waste no time and get into GearBest’s massive sale event right now. And worry not about the fact that these products are mostly made in China and come from brands you might’ve never heard about. These are good quality products – so why spend more when you can get the same thing for a lot less? Just check out the reviews for the products you want to buy and you’ll see what I mean! You’ll become an instant fan, just like I did!

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