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Best Tinder Alternatives: Apps Like Tinder to Make Friends or Find Your Soulmate

Back in the days, making friends or trying to find potential dates was limited by your physical presence in a specific place at a time. But today things are different and studies show that apps and the internet are becoming the top spot for people looking to meet new friends or a potential soulmate. Tinder was one to raise the bar and became insanely popular over the years, but are there any Tinder alternatives?

Of course they are! There are a ton of apps like Tinder and the good news is that our recommendations are free. You just have to check them out below, install them and try them to see which is the best in your case. You’ll be surprised to find out that some might work even better than Tinder!

So why would you look for an alternative to Tinder?

First, the app has gone through a lot of changes recently and many of its users started to complain about the premium features that are available only at a cost.

Second, because of its popularity, a lot of fake profiles, bots and scammers can be found there. Also because of the popularity it enjoys, the competition for males (but also females) to get noticed is greater than in other places.

Finally, Tinder has become mostly a place to find partners for Netflix and chill, while many people are still looking to find genuine friends and people alike. Some of our recommendations below fill that gap and are focused more on friendship than the dating element of the social experience.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter why you want to try something different than Tinder. We’ve got the best choices for you below, so check out the top apps like Tinder for making friends or finding romance:

OK Cupid

You’ve probably heard about this one already, since it is extremely popular. It’s been on the internet well before Tinder was born and it has a huge user base from all over the world. Although it’s obviously focused more on the dating aspect, many people are there to find friends.

Plus it offers a bunch of nice features, including the possibility to take quizzies and answers hundreds of questions (optional, of course) to build up your profile and see how much you agree with things with other users.

Download links: App Store and Google Play


A really interesting approach from an app that is also known as an “anti-Tinder” app. So why is that? It’s because the app keeps the randomness of meeting complete strangers you know nothing about at a minimum. Instead, this app only recommends people that are directly connected to your social profile or friends of your friends. This way, it’s easier to actually meet people that you can find more about and keep the risk of meeting weirdos and creeps at a minimum – even though sometimes it’s just the weirdos and creeps that make life more interesting!

Download links: App Store and Google Play


This is an interesting app created by women who want to meet women. Although this is definitely a place for ladies to find fellow ladies for dating, it’s also a great place for women to find genuine female friends. Less crowded my most apps, this is one all ladies should try unless, of course, they’re looking to find a male partner.

Download links: App Store


If you’re a sport lover, then ATLETO is the perfect app for you! Focused on sporting activities (there’s 40 that the app supports right now), this app makes it a lot easier for you to find out anybody, from a running buddy to a new player for your basketball team. Great for active people who move to new places and want to find friends with similar interests.

Download links: App Store and Google Play

Coffee Meets Bagel

Also known as CMB, this is more or less the same thing as Tinder, but not as popular. However, it does have an interesting feature that’s similar to what Hinge offers: every day at noon it recommends somebody with mutual friends. If you like each other, the app facilitates the meeting and even suggests ice-breaking questions. An interesting approach and definitely a good alternative to Tinder.

Download links: App Store and Google Play

Hot or Not

I remember Hot or Not since the dinosaurs roamed the earth – and I did the same alongside them. It all started a ton of time ago with a desktop website where you would upload photos and other people voted if you’re hot or not. The same concept has been kept for the new app – but also upgraded to hold a host of new social features that will make meeting people you upvote a lot easier.

Download links: App Store and Google Play


This app comes with an interesting concept: when a guy and a woman match, it’s the woman who has to send the first message. This was made to protect women from getting harassed by strangers online, but eventually ended up proving that even though they hit the like button, they’re extremely cautious to send a message when there’s a match. But it’s worth trying, as long as the app’s still there!

Download links: App Store and Google Play


A really powerful app with a ton of options and functionality. It helps you to set up dates, join parties and much, much more. It’s also very popular in many countries, so there are a lot of people to choose from and a fairly active community.

Download links: App Store and Google Play


Another interesting approach to the dating game comes from Happn: they will only show you people you’ve been nearby recently. So hit a few clubs and popular areas and you’ll get a ton of recommendations! Because it’s easy like that!

Download links: App Store and Google Play


Last but not least, we have Skout on our list of apps similar to Tinder. This one can let you play the swiping game, but also has a feature that shows you profiles in a grid and you can check them out and find out more about nearby people and like the ones you… like! There’s also the option to see those who have liked your profile and start a conversation with them, so overall it’s all easy and straightforward.

Download links: App Store and Google Play

These would be our recommended Tinder alternatives. There are many apps, as you can see on the list above, that offer a lot more than Tinder does and at least some are extremely interesting. So check them out and you will be surprised to see how cool they are and how many good options you have besides Tinder!


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