Best Black Friday 2019 i7 Laptop Deals on Amazon


If you’re looking to buy a top notch laptop computer, then choosing one powered by an Intel i7 processor is probably your best choice. And there’s no better time to buy a new laptop than during the massive discounts brought by the Black Friday celebration. And we’re here to help you make the perfect choice by sharing the best Black Friday 2019 deals for i7 laptops on Amazon (affiliate link).

Please note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

As you probably know already, this year’s Black Friday will take place on November 29th and that is when the real massive deals go live. This celebration kept growing each year over the past several years and we expect this one to make no exception. Therefore, we anticipate that this year we’ll have the best and biggest discounts to date and we’re here to let you know about them!

So we’ll keep scouring the internet and check out for the top deals during the magical day. But if you want to check them out yourself, you can take a look at the best i7 laptops on Amazon by yourself and find the best deals by clicking this link. I know that sometimes it’s best for you to personally look at what’s on the offer list!

Since we’re writing this article in advanc,e to give us time to focus on the deals themselves during Black Friday 2019, we’re going to start by listing our favorite Windows laptops powered by Intel’s i7 processors. These are not only some of the best on the market right now, but we also have high hopes that they’ll see some massive discounts on November 29th.

So do have in mind that since this article is written prior to Amazon’s massive discounts day, the laptops below might not actually make it on the list of deals even if we strongly believe that they will. But even so, these are great products that are worth checking out either way. Also, we will make sure to keep an eye on the deals during the Black Friday discounts day and update is as often as possible with the best deals available.

These being said, here are the i7 laptops we’re hoping to see on the huge discounts list during Black Friday 2019 on Amazon:

ASUS ZenBook Ultra-Slim Laptop

A highly portable, ultra slim laptop that isn’t too expensive even without a potential discount attached. And even though it has a smaller display (14-inch), it still packs quite a punch under the hood.

It is powered by Intel’s i7-8550U processor, but also comes with 8GB of RAM, a ton of storage thanks to its combo drives: 128GB SSD and 1TB HDD, but no dedicated GPU. This means that you won’t be able to play on it recent games… but for anything else but playing games, it’s a really good deal and overall a great laptop computer.

It has an aluminum body and backlit keyboard – these always come as bonuses in my opinion, it comes with Windows 10 already installed so you won’t have to worry about spending more on it… and it’s a really good product as long as you don’t want to play games on it or do anything that requires a dedicated graphics card.

It looks good, it works like a charm, it’s slim yet durable and it’s cheap! That’s a perfect combination for an i7 laptop, so click here to find out more about it.

Acer Predator Helios 300

Now, if you’re looking for a gaming laptop powered by an i7 processor, then this one is what you should be buying this Black Friday since it offers the best price/quality ratio right now even without a discount.

Part of Acer’s gaming laptop line, the Predator Helios 300 offers a decent 16GB of DDR4 and a super fast 256GB SSD (there’s also an extra slot for adding another if you want to expand the somewhat limited storage).

However, the piece de resistance is the amazing graphics card: the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB of dedicated RAM. This means that this little beast will run modern games and basically any program without a problem!

It also has backlit keyboard (red only), offers full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) and since it’s built for gaming, it has a solid cooling system as well. A bit on a heavier side at 6lbs, but that’s what you get if you want all those goodies under the hood.

If you were to pick one really strong i7 laptop that also has a larger screen size (15.6″) and works like a charm, this is it. This is the one for you. So click here to check it out on Amazon.

LG Gram

If you are looking for a high performance laptop that has a huge screen, the LG Gram is your top choice when it comes to laptops powered by the i7 processor (the Intel Core i7 8565u in this case).

Massive, with a 17-inch display, it offers 2k resolution (2560 x 1600 pixels), which is the best on the list. So in terms of image quality and resolution, we don’t have a better option for you and there are rarely other offers as good as this one, all things considered.

But it doesn’t stop here – the other specifications of this laptop are equally impressive. 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD are the important ones to look at, but the goodies don’t end here. It also has a fingerprint reader and a thunderbolt 3 port which offers huge versatility and can be considered a major selling point for the laptop.

Its only disadvantage with such impressive specifications is the fact that it doesn’t come with a dedicated graphics card, which makes it pretty much useless for gaming, but perfect for work and entertainment (as long as your entertainment is not playing current generation computer games, that is).

Finally, the icing on the cake comes with two layers: not only that it promises up to 19 hours of usage on a single charge, but it’s also extremely lightweight for such a large laptop: just 3 pounds, which is extremely impressive for a 17-incher. So definitely check it out!

Click here to get it on Amazon.

Dell Inspiron 15 (2019 model)

We’re rounding up the list with another “monster” for everyday use: a 2019 model coming from Dell and offering almost all the goodies you want from an extremely performant laptop.

Apart from the 8th Generation Intel Quad Core i7-8550U, this little beast offers 32GB of RAM and a whooping 1TB of SSD storage, making it the most generous offer on our list.

It also has a touchscreen, an impressive 4K display (15.6″) and all the bells and whistles you might want, such as backlit keyboard, Windows 10 pre-installed, as well as a dedicated graphics card (the MX130 with 2GB of RAM). The GPU isn’t up to par with its out-of-this-world specifications, but at least it has a dedicated one, which allows for some decent gaming as well.

All in all, this is probably the best choice that you have if you’re looking for an extremely high performance product, but you’re not getting it exclusively for gaming purposes – for that, the Helios 300 is the better choice.

Check it out on Amazon here.

As I said in the intro, the best time of the year to get a new laptop is during Black Friday and this year’s deals will definitely help you save big. So make sure to take advantage of the existing discounts as soon as possible and buy ASAP because the top offers won’t last long!


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